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Project 'Sheath': Warlock Warforged by OrangeSbr Project 'Sheath': Warlock Warforged :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 4 1
Ghosts of the War Angel
The woman found herself reaching up with her slender hands to the wizened old man. She could barely make out his features, silhouetted against a bright light, almost like a halo. She felt tears well up in her eyes, but found herself unable to blink them away. His beard and clothes swayed with the wind, the only movement in his stoic visage. However, his stern countenance was marred with the remorse seen in his single visible eye, and a slight wetness streaming out from under the eyepatch over his other.
She suddenly grasped the man’s hand, and felt her mouth open. She couldn’t hear anything come out of it, but the man seemed to understand with the closing of his eye and a solemn nod. He raised his large, ornate spear and slammed the butt into the ground. A ring of fire encircled her. She wanted to recoil in fear, but she found herself gazing up at the man and felt her mouth curling into a smile of gratitude. The man smiled back, and patted her on the head. As he reached out
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Sylus and Nuvia Size Comparison by OrangeSbr Sylus and Nuvia Size Comparison :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 5 0 Sylus and Nuvia by OrangeSbr Sylus and Nuvia :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 4 3 Sylus Concept by OrangeSbr Sylus Concept :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 3 2 work doodles by OrangeSbr work doodles :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 1 0 COMMISSION: Emppu the Silver by OrangeSbr COMMISSION: Emppu the Silver :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 2 2 Guild Wars 2 Alydril - WIP by OrangeSbr Guild Wars 2 Alydril - WIP :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 4 4 Manipulation: Fate - Drow Soldier by OrangeSbr Manipulation: Fate - Drow Soldier :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 4 2 GAME: Kickout! (Link Below) by OrangeSbr GAME: Kickout! (Link Below) :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 1 0 Fed-Cocktail-Apr30-2015 Flyer by OrangeSbr Fed-Cocktail-Apr30-2015 Flyer :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 0 0 Fedcocktail Logo by OrangeSbr Fedcocktail Logo :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 0 0 VADisability Calculator Logo by OrangeSbr VADisability Calculator Logo :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 0 0 MH Jewel by OrangeSbr MH Jewel :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 0 2 MH Bubble pop by OrangeSbr MH Bubble pop :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 0 0 Mh Bomb by OrangeSbr Mh Bomb :iconorangesbr:OrangeSbr 2 0




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Project 'Sheath': Warlock Warforged
Came up with a character for 5th edition, a Great Old One Blade Pact Warlock Warforged.

Yeah, a little ridiculous.

Would this character survive? Who knows. But I just wanted to draw again. And see if I could really draw something like a robot.

I'll see if I can get an actual scan later.
What a miserable human being I am. All I can think about after that fight was how no one understands how I felt about anything. And in the process I internally put down her insecurities as petty. What wondrous hypocrisy. I hate what a wretched thing I can be.
No, no plans to die. Just been super busy. In spite of not being able to do my job at my new workplace until just recently.

Oh yeah, I'm working.

In addition, just moved!

So now that things are starting to settle down, once I can get past the crippling depression of being unable to adjust to the new digs (which is really nice, btw, but brain still hasn't quite called it home yet), I'm gonna start doing more artwork.

Also, I'm likely gonna drop the prices I set for my artwork. I know the lack of interest is probably more due to the fact I haven't actually DONE anything in a while, but I also feel like I was trying to make up for what I was making at a job elsewhere, and it shouldn't be that.

I'll need to settle into a rhythm of doing artwork more regularly, barring something happening at work and I have to drop everything for that (yeah, sorta one of those).

Some of the pieces I have in the works right now include a fully digital painting of a Saurian from my original game setting and an attempt to do some fanart of RWBY.

Le GASP! (Last name puns?) Tim is making fanart?

The last time I did that was... well, what, the one where Ayane was dressing as Squall or something?

I didn't really feel like fanart was a path I wanted to go down, but it seems people don't want originality, so for me it's an attempt to draw people in and get people more interested. Also, I like RWBY, and while I haven't dove into the dark ravines of fandom, I'm fairly sure it's ravenous.

Also, I probably mentioned it before, but Monty Oum is, like he is for many animators and artists in general, is definitely one of my heroes, and I felt I wanted to honor that in some way. I'm sad I'll never get a chance to meet him in person and tell him that, but if I can produce something that can be appreciated by at least one of his fans, I feel like in some way that will be something I can look forward to.


Character Pencil Sketch - $30 USD*
* Price for a single character. Each additional character in the image will cost another $10/1000 points**. Please request the # of characters via note if you are purchasing via points, and I will set up the commission amount here in this widget for you for a limited time.

** Point commissions will be limited to a total of 6 characters due to the point limit of 8000 per commission.
Character Pencil Sketch Shaded - $35 USD*
* Price for a single character. Each additional character in the image will cost another $10/1000 points**. Please request the # of characters via note if you are purchasing via points, and I will set up the commission amount here in this widget for you for a limited time.

** Multiple characters limited to a total of 5 for Point commissions due to the point limit of 8000.
Character Full Body* Digital Painting** - $75 USD***
*Subject to pose. May or may not lose legs to cropping, depending on positioning and size of original paper.

** Includes Lined Pencil Sketch.

*** Price for single character. Each additional character in the image is an additional $25 USD. If you are paying via points, I can only accept single character commissions for Digital Paintings, as my prices go beyond the 8000 point limit.
Character Digital Painting + Shaded Pencil Sketch - $80 USD
Same as Digital Painting, with Included Pencil Sketch shaded in.
- These prices are the same for Paypal users, who must send me a Note to ask for a commission. If you want to pay via points using this widget, realize that there will be a 20% service fee on top of the prices listed above, on top of a limit of 20,000 points you can give me. DevArt's rules, not mine. Sorry.
- No hentai or ecchi. I'm dating a Catholic and it's kind of awkward drawing another person's sexual fantasies. It's like watching your friend play one of your adult games on your computer in your room while you stand behind them. It's uncomfortable for me. Especially since that actually happened when a friend of mine came over once. That being said, sensual is okay, just don't go overboard.
- Male x Female, Male x Male or Female x Female, Female x Female x Male, etc. all okay, but it still follows the above guideline and all the per character prices I stated above.
- I am willing to do fan art, but references will be nice. I'll eventually find it on my own, but who knows what a search might turn up...
- Original characters are fun, but references or a relatively decent description will help me immensely. Please. The more physical description you can give me, better the output. Color palettes are appreciated too, for digital painting.
- I'm pretty good at poses, so if you want to leave it to me, that's fine, but it will take a bit longer, depending on the source material (I'm particularly good with martial arts or action poses in general). Personality description will help a lot if need be.
- If you want a specific background, supply me with a reference or a photo (from the public domain or with rights that allow me to work with it), or describe to me what you want to draw. I'll have to tack onto the original price depending on complexity. Sorry, but digital painting at my level is rather time consuming.
- I still retain rights to the image, including publishing/selling the piece among my other works or portfolio. They will all end up here in my DeviantArt Gallery, as well.
- You have the right to use the image for personal purposes, but you cannot commercially profit from it (i.e., selling/mass distributing). If you post it elsewhere, please give credit to me and link back to the image here on DeviantArt.
- Once I've started on the painting, any requests for changes to the pose and structure will be attempted to be fixed, but realize that it's more difficult for me at that phase to fix it. Make sure you let me know if you want something changed while I'm still in the sketching phase.


Tim Huynh Le
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I’m a game artist in the DC metro area, with a BFA in Computer Game Design and a minor in Computer Science. I write stories and draw manga-influenced art whenever I’ve got free time. That is, if I’m not captivated by anime, manga or games, which along with music, inspire my creativity.

I first learned from “How to” books, particularly Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics by Christopher Hart, or more recently, by just drawing. In terms of digital coloring, I have lately been tinkering around more in Photoshop.

Outside of my hobbies of drawing, anime, manga and games, I am also a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and practice the katana on my own. I also dabble with my guitar from time to time. Recently, I started running original setting pen-and-paper roleplay games with friends, as well.


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