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Elven Lady (WIP) by OrangeSbr
Elven Lady (WIP)
Drew this while I was in Crisis Care while I was showing some of the other clients how I drew. Saw a really pretty dress I used for a reference...

But I think it also had a lot of texture I don't think I can replicate with pencil alone just yet, so I scanned it in as is. Maybe I'll find the time I want to photoshop this and try a few things in there.
Ayane Armor Redesign by OrangeSbr
Ayane Armor Redesign
An attempt at getting back into the groove. This drawing I've been working on and off for the past semester. Was exploring ways to update the look of her armor to make it seem more feasible than the old style.

So here I'm thinking kevlar sleeves underneath the bracers. In addition, a third strap had been added at the elbow. For the greaves, I wanted to give more flexibility to her ankles, so I segmented the plate completely. The simplistic mana channel circle motif has been reduced to a single one on both bracers and greaves, and designed to be closer to the knees and elbows, allowing some flexibility and offer protection to the joints. She still wears the thigh high stockings when it strikes her fancy, but wears an additional layer of kevlar protection over it.

Why Kevlar? Sure, it helps stop bullets to a degree, but she is also usually fighting all manner of demons, which will attack with claws and such as well. Kevlar doesn't do much to protect against puncture wounds, but it should hold up better if treated with Shear Thickening Fluid, giving it about the strength of 14 sheets of Kevlar.

In addition, I originally had it in mind that Ayane holstered her guns at the small of her back. Would make sense, considering the placement of her katana at her hip, but going into "possession" form has the unique problem of her wings sprouting out at around the same location. It's not visible here very well, but I imagined a harness that allowed her to holster it under her arms would work best. Not only does it solve the above issue, but is for the most part much easier to conceal with a coat.

If you have your own thoughts, lemme know. I'm gonna use this as a guinea pig for painting.

*UPDATED* used pencils of different hardnesses for shading.

Tsukino Ayane is copyrighted by me for use in my story, Crimson-Haired Valkyrie, and in AdventFalls's interactive story, The Brotherhood. No use of her is permitted except with explicit written permission.
CHV: Dust to Dust by OrangeSbr
CHV: Dust to Dust
"And I shall commit this body to the ground...
Earth to earth, Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.
The Lord bless her and The Lord keep her. Amen."

The final scene to Crimson-Haired Valkyrie chapter 7: Ice Queen (readable here:… )

Ayane is not an evil person. She just does her job as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and if it means that a young child must be sent to her grave to prevent the return of a vile Vampiress, then she will do so with little thought. As such, she comes off as a very cold person, hopefully, in spite of her social naivete.

This scene has been stuck in my head for a while now for some reason, and it may have something to do with the accumulating stress I have had recently with everything going on as they have been. I spent all of this evening drawing it, and yeah, there are a whole bunch of mistakes, but in spite of them, I am very fond of this.

An acquaintance of mine also brought up the possibility of me doing a sort of "light novel" for CHV, which I think is something I should have considered earlier. Thinking on it now, I don't know if I have the patience or time to do a full on webcomic, and a PDF of an arranged light novel might just be the kind of compromise I need to get the project really moving.

This may not be the last you see of this piece, and I'll certainly try my best to finish it.

Tsukino Ayane is copyrighted by me, for use in The Brotherhood interactive story, Crimson-Haired Valkyrie: Devil Hunter Ayane, and the roleplay(s) I'm running that she may cameo in. Any other use of this character is prohibited unless given explicit permission.

*UPDATED* Now shaded.
Facial Expression Practice by OrangeSbr
Facial Expression Practice
Did this a while back. I think I still need practice.

Rai's expression is pretty cool, I think. (Upper Left)

Renji Tsurugi needs some work. Actually, a LOT of work. (Upper Right)

Kaede in tears. (Center)

Ayane blushing as usu- *Pistolwhipped* (Lower Left)

Jin and her signature smile. Didn't like how she turned out, though. (Lower Right)

All these characters copyrighted by me. No permission is granted for their use.
Lucas Langdon, a.k.a. Dr. Light by OrangeSbr
Lucas Langdon, a.k.a. Dr. Light
A character I made for a superhero roleplay I did with some good friends.

Lucas Langdon was a researcher in Stark Industries whose project never got much funding, even though he insisted that he had an idea for a breakthrough design for teleportation via matter conversion. He would have revolutionized transportation with the idea that he could convert matter into light and back. Unfortunately, he was hardly more than basic staff, and his project lead never listened to him. He got into a low place and ended up trying to siphon funds from Tony Stark's company and attempted to build a working prototype.

Obviously, Tony Stark caught on almost immediately and fired him. I mean, how could you get anything by one of the smartest men alive?

He was shocked of his path in life, but he ended up trying to get on the up and up. He became a physics teacher for a high school in downtown Manhattan and used his meager funds not to survive, but to build his prototype into an exo-suit. It wasn't long before he had to use it: His classroom had a surprising amount of mutants that came under attack, and he donned the suit to protect his students.

Many people became interested, and even Tony Stark turned his head back at him (one of the newer players decided to step into the role of Tony Stark).

The name Langdon actually comes from Rueben Langdon, probably most well known for his mocap and voice acting for Dante in Devil May Cry, and an actor in Thousand Pound Action Company's upcoming series, "Clandestine." And, well, old school superheroes liked their alliteration, so his name came to be.

I tried drawing his suit, but I never finished it. Didn't like it.

Anyways, obviously this ain't canonical to Marvel comics at all and only for a roleplay for a bunch of friends. I just so happened to be the only one who didn't try to take the mutant/alien route of super abilities.
After my walk today, I'm gonna scan in all my artwork that I've not done so already for the past... I don't know how many years now.
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Tim Huynh Le
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I’m a college student in the DC metro area, studying game design at George Mason University. I write stories and draw manga-influenced art whenever I’ve got free time. That is, if I’m not captivated by anime, manga or games, which along with music, inspire my creativity.

I haven’t taken any actual classes for art: almost everything I’ve learned I got from “How to” books, particularly Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics by Christopher Hart, or more recently, by just drawing. In terms of digital coloring, I have lately been tinkering around more in Photoshop.

Outside of my hobbies of drawing, anime, manga and games, I am also a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and practice the katana on my own. I also dabble with my guitar from time to time. Recently, I started running original setting pen-and-paper roleplay games with friends, as well.

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